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Mobile Optician Services


1. Request a home visitRequest a senior home visit

You can request a senior home visit by calling us on 604 500 3815 or email info@speedyspecs.ca

We will take a few details to ensure everything will go smoothly and satisfactory.


2. Optician conducts an eye measurements and translates the prescriptionOptician conducts eye measurements and translates the prescription

Your optician will visit you at home at the pre-arranged time and will call before the appointment to check that its still convenient.

During the visit we will ask a few questions regarding your everyday vision concerns and advise on the best possible glasses to fit your needs.


3. Choose your glassesChoose your glasses

We can help you find the perfect fit frames for your face and based on your prescription. Also if you have extended benefits we will provide you with the necessary invoice to claim for your insurance.


1. Request a home visitGlasses delivered to your home

We gladly deliver your new glasses to your home. However, as your glasses are individually made to  your prescription it may take a little longer, if this is the case we will let you know.

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